New Addition is Full of Beans!

15th January 2015

Crossgates is delighted to formally announce a new addition to the centre; that of Cielo.

Cielo arrived at the end of last year and provides a selection of hot and cold drinks and food.

Unique Vision

But it is much more than a coffee shop, it has a unique vision and ethos as Nick Castle, Managing Director, explains: “Our desire is to serve the community with a great place to meet up whilst at the same time knowing all the profits get given away to local community projects. Through our partnership with the Connecting Crossgates voluntary organisation, we already have over 40 volunteers alongside our paid staff. All our coffee is roasted in East Leeds and supports charity work in Ethiopia. Our desire is to help make a difference in the world through people’s everyday purchases.”

“We’re so pleased to have Cielo amongst our mix of tenants and the coffee shop is already proving a huge hit with customers. From great, affordable coffee to tempting treats, it’s the perfect place to relax and refresh during or after a shopping session. Their ethos and desire to give back to the local community is something we wholeheartedly support.”

Sophie Stephenson, Crossgates’ Marketing Manager

Building Better Community Cohesion

Ultimately Cielo is a social enterprise that was set up to do two things; build better community cohesion and to reduce loneliness, believing that a coffee house is a great place to start for both! They are committed to being a successful business that offers the best quality product in their market, always striving to remain far more affordable than their competitors.

New Addition is Full of Beans!

What’s more, the café is running a promotion next week (26th – 31st January): Get a medium latte for ONLY £1.50 before 10.30am each day!