Launch Day for Pound Bakery

11th May 2014

Over 600 people flocked to Crossgates shopping centre for the launch of the new Pound Bakery store.

More than 16 people have been employed from the local area in the new shop, with many more positions expected to open up following the success of the launch.

“We had a lovely lunch, and it was great for the kids. I’ve always been to the other Leeds branch, but Cross Gates is much closer to me, so I can get something hot and tasty when I’m on the go.”

Ellie Breen, Mum of three

Poundbakery store manager, Jeanette Schools says: “Our first day has been a roaring success. The people of Crossgates raved about the quality and the price, and these prices are here to stay. People have been queuing out of the door since we opened, and some of the cakes and baguettes proved so popular that they sold out.

Tasty Launch Day for Pound Bakery

Pound Bakery mascot, Mr Tasty and Evie Sharlotte, aged 2.