Be the creepiest creature of Crossgates

3rd October 2017

Halloween is slowly creeping up on us and we hope you’re set for all things supernatural. If you’re still looking for the most spooktacular of costumes, pop in to see our friends at Wilko, New Look or Peacocks but first, let us help you to make some tasty treats that are sure to send a chill down your spine!

 Easy Mummy Pretzels

Get the kids involved this Halloween with these quick and easy Mummy Pretzels.

Step 1

To begin your tasty treats, we recommend grabbing your ingredients from our friends at Heron Foods or Home Bargains as we hear they’re a witch’s favourite. You’ll be needing a toothpick, pretzel rods, a bar of white chocolate and a small bar of milk chocolate for decoration.


Step 2

Melt your white chocolate and lay your pretzel rods on greaseproof paper


Step 3

Pour the melted white chocolate into a sandwich bag and, with the help of an adult, snip the bottom corner off to make a piping bag.


Step 4

Drizzle the white chocolate over each pretzel rod, leaving a gap for the eyes.

Step 5

Melt the milk chocolate and use a toothpick to dot on eyes.


Step 6

Serve up to trick or treaters or leave in the kitchen for the family. Be careful though – they have can often mysteriously disappear!


We’re also holding our own Halloween events and would love to see you getting involved. To find out what’s on in the centre, visit our website here.

We love these tasty treats from Miss Kandiquik. Be sure to visit her blog for other recipes.